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Sustainability is the basis of our business activities. We attach great importance to qualitative, social and ecological standards in production and to transparent communication. We take our responsibility towards people and nature seriously.


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We are a proud member of the amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), which campaigns for better working conditions worldwide. Our aim is to ensure sustainability, quality and fair treatment of workers.

We are also actively involved in the amfori Business Environmental Performance Initiative (BEPI) to continuously improve our environmental performance throughout the supply chain. By participating in BEPI, we have access to resources and tools that enable us to assess, minimize and transparently communicate our environmental impact.

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The ecological way of repelling water

Isn't it fascinating when ducks dive under water and emerge with dry plumage? Like all waterfowl, ducks produce an oily secretion with which they make their plumage water-repellent. The water-repellent textile finish ecorepel is based on precisely this type of impregnation.


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Ecorepel represents an important step forward in textile treatment by combining high performance with ecological responsibility.








The environment
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