Family tradition
since 1851

Quality, innovation and style in every drop

Strotz AG is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality umbrellas. Since our foundation more than 170 years ago, we have earned a first-class reputation for quality, innovation and stylish design. From classic stick umbrellas to modern pocket umbrellas, we offer a diverse range of umbrellas that meet the highest standards of functionality and aesthetics.

Through continuous development, our family business remains at the forefront of the industry, also focusing on environmentally friendly materials and production processes.


Strotz AG - Umbrella factory
Herrenackerstrasse 16
CH-8730 Uznach
(no sales store)
055 285 97 00


Monday to Thursday:
8.00 - 12.00 and 13.30 - 17.00
8.00 - 12.00 and 13.30 - 16.00
(no retail store)

weatherproof team

Swiss craftsmanship

Strotz Swissmade Regenschirm Produktion
Strotz Swissmade Regenschirm Produktion

Strotz AG is the only umbrella factory in Switzerland - and one of the few that still exists in Europe. Around 8,000 umbrellas are still produced in Uznach every year. In addition to the production of umbrellas, the seven experienced production employees also specialize in the production of garden and boat umbrellas.


Strotz Swissmade Regenschirm kariert
Strotz Swissmade Regenschirm Produktion

Made with quality

The production of an umbrella takes about 40 minutes: The fabric wedges are first cut roughly by hand and then precisely with a punching knife, after which the umbrella segments are sewn together, including the closing strap and press stud. This is followed by sewing on small metal tips, attaching the pole to the fabric and fitting the handle.

Production process